Sunday, July 24, 2011

B is for... bummer

I realize not many people read this blog, and that's okay, because there hasn't been much to read. This post is only about a month late. I'm afraid I don't even have a particularly good excuse for my tardiness.
The day I returned Rosie Meadows regrets... to the shelf at work, I picked out a book for B. We honestly didn't have much on the shelf other than Dan Brown and Maeve Binchy (which I've read and are therefore excluded from this challenge) and Pat Booth (which doesn't appeal in the slightest), so I took what looked like the best of the lot. The book was Wrack by James Bradley.
The blurb made it sound thrilling and fascinating, sort of Indiana Jones-ish. I was disappointed. Maybe it was because I had the beginnings of a really nasty sinus infection, maybe it was the minor crises at work that had me exhausted, but I failed dismally in all attempts to read the book. I could not get past the opening chapter.
I tried. I even gave myself an extra week to try and make a dent in it before I gave up and placed it back on the shelf.
Now, because I didn't read the book, I don't feel it fair to comment even on the part that I did read.
Three weeks later, I still have not recovered fully from the sinus infection or the crushing blow dealt to my ego by my inability to finish the book.
So I've decided, in view of a looming deadline, to postpone my next attempt at the Bs until later in the year. Depending on how tricky my schedule gets us we come up to my best friend's wedding in December (bridesmaid stuff is hard) I may have to leave it to the new year, but I hope I'll be able to avoid that.
So to anyone who reads this blog, I will wish the very pleasantest of times until we meet again.

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